the birthplace of the American South-West


Yuma is situated at the confluence of the rivers Colorado and Gila, near the border to Arizona only about 25 miles north of Mexico. Since 1540 Europeans have crossed the Colorado here, outposts and missionaries were established, and forts protected the settlements in Arizona and New Mexico.


Until the South Pacific Railroad reached Yuma in 1877, passengers and freight travelled up the Colorado River to the mines, ranches and military posts by steamship from the 1850s to the 1870s. For more than centuries Yuma presented the portal to the new western worlds of California.


In the historical museum on the former prison grounds and special tours can illustrate this eventful past. Visitors can step back in time, but will also experience a flourishing and dynamic small town in the deep south-west of Arizona.


GefängnisFlussYuma’s climate, which is hot, sunny and dry throughout the year, means that the Colorado River and the surrounding lakes can be used for all types of watersport all year round. Excursions down the rivers on jet boats or on a historic steamboat, mountain biking or gold digging : the recreational possibilities are endless. So it’s not surprising that Yuma’s population multiplies considerably during the winter months when the snowbirds – those North Americans and Canadians who can’t stand the cold – flock to the huge caravan sites in the town.


The Conference Center is part of an extensive sports and leisure complex featuring two golf courses, nine tennis courts and a baseball stadium. It is the venue for numerous festivals and a variety of events. Yuma is especially interesting for tourists, through the ability to combine the visit with visits to California and Mexico.


Large parts of Yuma are desert areas with rocky mountain ranges. In the valleys there is fertile farmland – the basis for very successful farming with several crops per year, as well as the cattle farming. There are industrial areas for light and heavy engineering, and administration and service centres allow flourishing trade and the economic success of the Yuma region.


How to get there: Domestic airport, Interstate Highway 8, Railway station


Tips for tourists:


  • Historical prison complex
  • Century House Museum (Quatermaster Depot)
  • Ocean to Ocean Bridge


River: Colorado River


Events:  Festivals (Colorado River; Balloon) 


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