A green town in western Poland.





The town is an important administrative, economical and cultural centre. It is the capital of the Wojewodschaft (administrative government area) Lubuskie and seat of the Wojewoden (head of administration).


Thanks to its proximity to the German-Polish border and the fact that it is only 110 km from Berlin, the German capital, the town has become an important transportation hub and transit town.


The town has a population of 125,200. It has great demographic potential, with a high proportion of young people. There are six further education establishments.


Gorzów is the economic centre of the region. One of the main features of the town is its well-developed industry.


Economic activity in the town is steadily expanding. The town is attracting more and more foreign investment and over 350 joint venture companies have now been set up there, mainly with German capital.


Regular trade fairs provide excellent opportunities to present new products and contact Polish companies.


The town has sites with good infrastructure suitable for housing developments as well as for commercial or industrial premises.


A particular attraction for investors is the recently established special economic zone which offers favourable conditions for capital investment.


Gorzów is not only an industrial town. Situated at the heart of Poland’s “green lung”, the town is an excellent base for tourists. In the surrounding areas around the town there are lakes, rivers, woods, country parks and nature reserves. 12 public parks with a square footage of about 128 ha, as well as many other green areas,surround the places and buildings.

Festival  Festival Culturally, the town has also a lot to offer. The Minster, the »St Antonius-Kirche«, the old storehouse, the museum as well as many town villas are worth a visit. It is also rewarding to visit such interesting events, such as the »Tage von Gorzów« (lit. Gorzów days), the international Bach piano competition, the Pommeranian Jazz autumn, the biannual exhibition of sacral art, the international meeting of gypsy ensembles »romane Dyvesa«, the folklore festival or the theatre confrontations.  

 SlavjankaGorzów is the largest town in the Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion. It is twinned with Frankfurt (Oder), Herford and Eberswalde in Germany, Cava de Tirreni in Italy, Jönköping in Sweden and Sumy in Ukraine. The town was awarded the European Diploma for its contribution to European integration in September 1999.


How to get there: B1, E22, E65


Tips for tourists: „Słowianka” Sport and Rehabilitation Centre


River: Warta




  • International meeting of the „Romane Dyvesa“ gypsy ensemble
  • Warta Reggae Festival
  • International Music Festival “Serenade on the Warta”.



Fotoalbum der Partnerstadt Gorzow

Ansichten der Frankfurter Partnerstadt Gorzów Wlkp. in Polen. Gorzów ist etwa ca 80 km entfernt von Frankfurt. Die Partnerschaft besteht seit 1975

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