Fotografenpleinair PANODERAMA during the International Music Festival of the Guard fanfare involving the twin cities on music city of Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice


Planned activities:


-          1 each amateur anda professionalphotographer from thetwin cities, accompaniedbyfriendsFrankfurterphotoportraits, 2 days per 18 hours, thecity during theMusic Festival of thefanfareGuard.


-          Team of local TV's partnercitiesare participating inlocal televisiondirectorof the FrankfurtWMZ.Introduction,there will be aworkshop in whichthecooperationof theCity TVis agreed.

-          On the opening day shape photographers a photo exhibition at City Hall about the partner cities. The opening is on the occasion of the reception of the Mayor for the delegations of music festival planned


The final selection of the work will on closing night be presented in the Kleist Forum


An evaluation about the experiences will be on the departure day done.




-          one amateur and one professional photographer from the twin cities, will be accompanied by Frankfurter photographers (professionals & amateurs) 2 days per 18 hours, the city portrayed during the Europe Days

-          Opening (City Hall):Informationeventabout the Europe Activities of the partnercities, followed byPhotoExhibition (combined with interactivematerials)

-          Accounting: Selection andTermination of thephotos of theplein air

-          Departure: evaluation and experience

-          Cooperation with theCity TVismanifestedas abasis for the futureexchange of appropriatecontributions.


-          Cooperation with media

-          Exhibition in twin cities

-          VIDEO of the Closing: