September / October 2012 in Slubice:
Foundation Youth Parliament Frankfurt (Oder) Slubice



Day 1:

Experiences on youth participation

Exhibition opening "CompetenceTeam EC= baseforsummercampof the twin cities"


Day 2:

Presentation skillsof the youthof thecities of Frankfurt(Oder)andSlubice
Citizenengagementandinvolvementof youth indecision-making: Comparison of thepartnercities
FoundingYouth Parliament: Formalconstitution
Day 3:
Participationin celebrations marking theDay of GermanUnity inFrankfurt(O.)
Panel discussion,exhibition "EuropeNews"


-Youth ParliamentFrankfurt(O)-Slubice
- Youthparticipationis strengthenedenormously
- Know howto partnerswitchingcities,border towns,theCity Twins
-Information&experiencestosummer camp of thetwin citiesare mediated
   EuropeNews, Newsletterof the partners (City TwinsAssociation,EUROMOTAEBR)
- Exhibition,Multimedia Products
-Motivationforfurther developmentof twinning:newideasfor activities andprojects
   Concept proposalsformigration ofyouthto beengrossed