Photographers plein PANORAMA occasion of the Europe days




-1 each amateur and professional photographer from the twin cities, accompanied by Frankfurter photographers (professionals & amateurs) portray two days per 18 hours, the city during the European days. For the opening will be a photo exhibition beheld  at City Hall about the europa activities, combined with interactive materials, the twin cities presented

- Accounting: Selection andTermination of thephotos of theplein air

- Departure: evaluation and experience with the media andthe exhibition intwin cities

- Cooperation




-          Intercultural exchangebetween photographersandthe organizers

-          EUROPA photo exhibition; Promotion Europe

-          Synergies Europe Day: Marketing effects

-          Strengthening of EU competenceand partnership,exchanging experiencesfrom professional photographersto young

-          Exhibitions in the twin cities is initiated

-          Strengthen contacts withmediaand publicityto increase

-          Great PR impactbyWeb (www.Panoderama.deandproject website)

-          Exhibitions, press and TV,DVD andmaterialforwebsite

-          Strengthening volunteering (service / Photo Club)