My highlights:

Of course what has prompted a lot of excitement, was the first meeting with each delegation. After the Bulgarian delegation has arrived Carolina, Jasmine, Gosia and Moritz (me) bring all around the camp, show them where what is and explain what we will do in the next day´s. We have noted the tension of all but also felt the Integereres.


The most fun I think we got at the party made at the EuroCamp evening. We eat very good food, hoisted and dedicated flags and were dressed all classy . At night we could properly celebrate and then we would also like to do even more party but unfortunately you have to sleep too. Anyway, I think that this was a good opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other! After that night we were able to bypass all together better and that's why I think that this party was the best map educational game and has contributed much to one great team.


The most exciting was definitely the appearance on the big stage at the HanseStadtFest festival where we could present our hard before rehearsed choreography. At the beginning of our presence, all seats were empty but after a short time in spite of heavy rain and terrible wind, the visitors quickly filled the many vacant places.

This is an indescribable feeling when you know that these people sit for a self because they like the show!

What I did not like is the weather! But you can´t change. If I may participate again next year at the summer camp I'm looking forward especially to the Kanoe Tour! The summer camp ends so fast that I can´t believe that I am almost two weeks here. It makes huge fun to work with other cultures, I can try to improve my English language skills and international I have found many new friends!

Moritz Kemnitz