Wednesday, 19/01/2011
City tour Frankfurt (O) and Slubice
Athletes participating in the reception of the city of Frankfurt (Oder)
From 20.00 clock in the evening twinning fanfare Guard Frankfurt eV
Thursday, 20.01.2011
At 9.30 clock seminar to evaluate the project and presentation of a new project in the Town Hall, R. 215 (Heilbronn area)
Welcoming the participants by the treasurer of the city of Frankfurt, Mr. Frank Dahmen.
Introduction to the day program and evaluation of the current project "Networking PPP structures ..."
Presentation of project accounting, followed by discussion:
The representatives of the partner cities involved and Frankfurt partner unanimously commended the successful completion of the project and thanked the initiative and project management for implementation of the project.
Presentation of the Frankfurt city partnerships with a focus on
goals and ð tasks of international cooperation
goals of the partnership ð work
Typical measures of ð twinning
strengths of ð the Frankfurt city partnerships
  ð weaknesses
opportunities to ð deepen the partnerships
proposal ð for political leaders to partner cities
upcoming ð task
Focus ð 2011-08-04 necessary internal measures
  ðHighlights Next
Presentation of the ð partner cities
  ð expiration of the current final conference program
Possibilities of increasing the participation of volunteers with the Volunteer Centre presentation. To this end, Ms Maletzki, director of the Volunteer Centre Frankfurt (Oder), the work of the Centre, the Year of the volunteer work and in Frankfurt (Oder) actually existing possibilities and carrier prior to volunteering.
In the plenary session it was agreed that volunteerism is more direct in all partner cities in the focus of attention and that in a planned joint project, this would have to find a significant rainfall.
Presentation of the proposal of a successor project "Enhancing the twinning network to ensure the competence of the European youth in the participating twin cities":
This project proposal was brought to the presentation, which summarized the previous research on needs and possibilities of the partner cities together.
In the discussion, consensus was reached to apply on the basis of this proposal, the city of Frankfurt (Oder), a new power plant project.
In the summary statement by Treasurer Frank Dahmen was appreciated the good cooperation and provides confidence for the successful continuation of this work.
After a working lunch, participants took part in the thematic guided tour along with other MPs from Frankfurt and Slubice in part by Frankfurter churches (Church of Peace, Gertraud Church, Holy Cross Church)
16:00 Continuation of the clock in the conference with the participation of deputies € Camp, other administrative staff and representatives of public institutions from Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice. These participants were not charged to the current project, but it resulted in a number of synergies for both twinning and for arranging the main concern of the running project to deepen Publik-private partnerships.
16.00 Welcome drink clock; (coffee and pastries on the tables)
16.15 Welcome clock (OB; Moderator: Mr. Baldauf, Mrs. Pyrgiel)
16.30 Clock brief introduction of the participants in mediation and individual meetings
18.30 Dinner clock
19.30 Cultural program clock with photo impressions from partner cities
20.15 Clock campfire (with mulled wine, singing together) - Bowling
22.00 Clock Return to Frankfurt
Friday, 21/01/2011
9:00 Summary of Conference Results
Conn. Visit Frankfurt's cultural institutions such as concert halls, museum Viadrina, Young Art Gallery, St. Mary's Church, Kleisthaus.
Slubice visit: meeting with the mayor;
Visit the College Polonicum
Afternoon trip to Berlin and visited the Green Week
Saturday, 22/01/2011Visit the Green Week and departure of guests