The 12th Summer Camp at the Frankfurt partner cities with 118 participants from 10 cities and 6 countries continued the ongoing cooperation between the partner cities in the youth field with success. The role of the hosts completed the third year of a German-Polish team of experts, which prepared all year for this task. The quality of our work this year was probably the most mature team competence performance since existence of these "mixed" group.


There is already a tradition not to miss the two-week meeting at the camp to open at Helenesee with an international youth conference. In the three-day event, young people worked under the expert guidance on "society - community" in mixed working groups. Despite the free choice of working groups made ​​these were occupied relatively equal. They were each managed by a manager of a team of experts accompanied the delegation and, in addition to translation services which was responsible for the material and technical security of the presentation.

The multi-hour public presentation of workshop results in Frankfurt City Hall was significantly more than provide a sense of responsibility with which the young people the creative process in Europe and the world how creative and original, they want to solve the challenges ahead together.

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