September 2012 in Nîmes

Youth Participation Workshop - Motivation to engage with political and social life


Day 1:

Experiences on youth participation

Opening of the exhibition "SummerCamp of thesister cities"

Day 2:

Workshop: "Civilcommitment- a challenge forthe youth!"


best practices that promote shared responsibility

-          Integration of youth indecision-making:Youth Parliament

-          Competence team:institution of theinternational exchange of experience

Day 3:


Presentation of the cities of Frankfurt(Oder)andSlubice

Day 4:

Visits to youth facilities, experience

-Summercampexperiencesof the partnercities will betaught
-Teamcompetenceisestablishedin Nimes

- Motivation for the design of twinning:newideasfor activities andprojects

- Concept proposals formigration ofyouthto beengrossed
- Youthparticipationin Nimesandthepartnershipnetworkwill strengthen

- Synergisticeffectsof theyouth campin Frankfurt/O.CampNimes2013
- Informing thepublic aboutFrankfurt/O.and projectsupport from the EU
- Multimediaproducts are madein Nimes

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