Youth Cultural Conference of European diversity through active participation : “Preservation



-          Demonstration ofculturalandlinguistic diversity of themulticultural Europeanparticipants:jointproductionandpublictrial

-          Presentation a joint appearance with the participants of the summer camp: Working Group: Cultural Tourism of the tourist office in Frankfurt presented the potential cultural tourism strategy and the Twin Cities;

-          Partner citieswill present theirculturalpotentials;discussion oncultural exchange

-          Public appearances at town festival before thousands of spectators



-          Students of Cultural Studies at theEuropean University profileEuropean competencein the preparation andimplementation of the conference

-          Population ofFrankfurt andSlubiceexperiencedculturalandlinguisticdiversityby appearances

-          Popularization of twinning: public recognition of the potential of the partner cities

-          Initiation of new partnerships

-          Recognition of volunteer commitment

-          Youth involvement in decision-makingabout the culturallife of the city