The county of Slubice is situated on the German-Polish border in the north-western part of the province of Lubuskie. It comprises five municipalities, Cybinka, Górzyca, Ośno Lubuskie, Rzepin and Słubice, covers an area of 1,000 km² and has a population of around 48,000.



Municipalities belonging to the County of Słubice: 

Słubice, Cybinka, Rzepin, Ośno Lubuskie, Górzyca


It has a well-developed road and rail infrastructure. The River Oder, which is navigable throughout the year within the county boundaries, is a very important transportation artery.


The direction in which the municipalities within the county are evolving is governed by their proximity to the border. Being close to Germany, a well-developed commercial and services network, not to mention a good transport network, are all factors influencing economic development. The border crossings in Swiecko, Słubice and Kunowice are favourable to the development of companies in the transport, freight and customs sectors. The Kostrzyn-Słubice special economic zone, which has an overall area of 447 ha, provides numerous opportunities for investors from Poland and other EU states.


This has enabled the county of Slubice to strengthen its position as the third centre of economic development in the province of Lubuskie. Woods and forest cover around half of the territory of the county. The varied landscape, many lakes and the diverse flora and fauna provide a good basis for active recreation.


Population:  47.000


Area:  999 km2


Twinned with Frankfurt: since 2005


How to get there: By motorway (A 12), By rail (to the international station at Rzepin), 3 border crossings to Frankfurt (Oder).


Tips for touristsRomanesque Route, Meadow Museum in Owczary, Educational trails and workshops at the Warta Mouth National Park in Chyrzyno, defence walls built in 1477 in Ośno Lubuskie, Rzepin Heath, technical monument – Railway engine at Rzepin station.




Der Landkreis Slubice hat 2011 im Rahmen des Projekts „Ohne Grenzen. Grenzübergreifende Konferenz zum Natur- und Tourismuspotenzial des Mittleren Oderraumes“ einen Foto-Wettbewerb „Perlen des Mittleren Oderraumes“ ausgeschrieben und eine grenzübergreifende Konferenz zum Natur- und Tourismuspotenzial des Mittleren Oderraums am 6.10.2011 organisiert. Sowohl am Foto-Wettbewerb als auch an der Konferenz haben die Einwohnerinnen und Einwohner von Frankfurt (Oder) und Umgebung teilgenommen. Nun möchten wir unsere deutschen Nachbarn zum

virtuellen Spaziergang (auf Deutsch) durch den Landkreis Slubice einladen. Der Spaziergang ist im Rahmen des o.g. Projekts erstellt worden. 


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