opening Conference

30.7.-08.01.2011 opening conference in Frankfurt / Oder

- Official opening conference with the participation of a participant, and each of the summer camp of the twin cities to focus on "development of town twinning."
- Participants: representatives, media representatives and volunteers of youth sports and culture of the partner cities
- From Frankfurt / O. additional deputies and administrative staff for International Cooperation, Youth and Sports.
- After the opening and analysis of the state of the twinning will work in working groups:
1st Official representatives of the partner cities
2nd Young people develop a worst case and best case analysis.
- The results are presented on the final day at City Hall.

expected results

- Twinning concept of Frankfurt / O. is compared with the possibilities and needs of the partner cities.
- The program of the new network project will be compared and the specific responsibilities are assigned.

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