aspiring small town in northern Israel


Kadima is a inconspicuous town, in the middle of a small strip between the Mediterranean Sea and the West Bank. There are active settlement policies aiming to rapidly increase the population.


Kadima and the municipality of Zoran, which was founded in 1992, merged in 2003 to form Kadima-Zoran.


Kadima was founded in 1932 from a small settlement of immigrants from over 65 countries, especially from Germany, Russia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Marocco. In the last few years the town has also become a home to more than 1000 Russian immigrants.


But growth of the town can also be explained through the influx of population from the surrounding larger towns of Tel Aviv and Netauga, as a suburb for people working there.


The town mainly lives on farming export: strawberries, oranges, olives and vegetables. Its current economy is dominated by a packaging factory for vegetables, as well as some retail. The industrial area, as well as residential areas are being expanded.


The focus of public life is the cultural centre, which offers many varied events for all age groups. A swimming pool, children’s nurseries, schools and centres for pensioners dominate the social infrastructure.


Getting married in Kadima is popular. Wedding parties from all over Israel celebrate in attractively decorated marquees seating up to 4,000 people.


There are many attractive places that you visit from the historically rich region of Kadima.


The city is located on the road NR 4 -Tel Aviv (35 km) - Haifa (75 km). Particularly recommendable are Jerusalem, Nazaret, Netanya at the Mediterranean coast as well as the Golan Heights.





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